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  • HHS18F time relay

    Working power supply:DC24V;AC24V、AC220V、AC380V

    Delay range:1S、5S、10S、30S、60S、120S、180S

    Repeat error:≤5%

    Working mode:Blackout delay

    Contact form:Two sets of delay transfer contacts with reset function

    Contact capacity:1A AC250V(Resistive)

    Overall dimensions:24.5×85×90mm

    Installation method:Device type or 35mm rail type

    Product introductionProduct introduction

    Product overview

    HHS18 series time relay (hereinafter referred to as relay) is suitable for AC 50Hz, working voltage 380V and below or DC working voltage 24V control circuit as a delay element, according to the preset time to make or break the circuit.

    This series of relays meets the requirements of GBT 14048.5.

    Product characteristics
    Easy to operate
    Panel adjustment knob Settings, easy to operate intuitive.
    Auxiliary function output terminal (pause, control), easy to operate and use
    Stable performance
    The circuit board adopts SMT patch technology
    Stable and reliable performance, good consistency

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    HHS18 series time relay operating instructions

    Six advantagesAdvantage

    37 years of industry giant, professional manufacturer of industrial control components
    【 Brand 】39 years of industry giant ship, professional manufacturer of industrial control components
    【 Quality 】Advanced technology application, in line with the international quality system
    【 Production capacity 】Tens of millions of annual production capacity, leading industrial control components manufacturing industry
    【 Custom 】Provide customized services and output application solutions
    【 Logistics 】O2O marketing model, professional logistics support
    【 After sale 】The whole process service system, at any time to solve customer problems
    Provide customized services and output application solutions

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