Devil's 13 Electric
Service Hotline:400-8236-775

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    Service hotline: 400 8236 775

    Headquarters Address: Zhejiang Yueqing Economic Development Zone, No. 328 Wei 19 Road
    Sales Tel: 0086-577-62735555
    Fax: 0086-577-6272,963
    Postal Code: 325600

    After-sales service Tel: 0086-577-62731218
    Fax: 0086-577-6272,963
    Postal Code: 325600

    relay Time relay 400-8236-775-2-1-1
    Electromagnetic relay 400-8236-775-2-1-2
    Relay socket
    Counting relay 400-8236-775-2-1-3
    Microcomputer time control switch 400-8236-775-2-1-4
    Liquid level relay
    Solid state relay 400-8236-775-2-1-5
    sensor Proximity switch 400-8236-775-2-2-1
    Photoelectric switch
    Thermoelectric couple 400-8236-775-2-2-2
    Thermal resistance
    encoder 400-8236-775-2-2-3
    Switch Travel switch 400-8236-775-2-3
    Foot switch
    Push button switch
    Signal lamp
    Electric drive and control Frequency changer 400-8236-775-2-4-1
    Soft starter
    Motor protector 400-8236-775-2-4-2
    Motor governor 400-8236-775-2-4-3
    Instrument and meter Temperature controller 400-8236-775-2-5
    Temperature and humidity controller
    Distribution control Miniature circuit breaker 400-8236-775-2-6
    Ac contactor
    The surge protector
    Plastic-case circuit breaker
    Universal circuit breaker
    Dual power supply
    Power supply and others Switching power supply 400-8236-775-2-7-1
    Power transformer 400-8236-775-2-7-2
    Power semiconductor module 400-8236-775-2-7-3