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    Devil's 13 automation products into the farming industry

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    Sweep it!Devil's 13 automation products into the farming industrySweep it!
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    At present, "low-carbon environmental protection" is a hot keyword, as the world's energy is increasingly exhausted, the search for new alternative energy, has become a global topic. All kinds of green energy are on the scene, from solar to tidal power. With the development of the hardware and electrical industry, automation is also quietly involved in this "low-carbon environmental protection" world trend.

    Devil's 13 automation products into the farming industry

    Modern farming industry is indoor mass farming, in a relatively crowded environment, indoor are equipped with exhaust equipment, temperature control equipment, if in the case of power failure, the immunity of poultry calves is not complete, in this confined space will cause hypoxia, although equipped with generators, but the artificial operation time is too long, will cause a lot of losses. Recently, I read a report that the farming industry can be ecological breeding, artificially linking different species of animal groups with feed to form a circular chain to reduce costs. Under the inspiration of this report, I suddenly had an inspiration to break the traditional practice of making animal manure into cheap fertilizer. If they are gathered together, organic matter can be decomposed and transformed by fermentation microorganisms under anaerobic conditions, and finally biogas (methane CH4) can be produced. Now due to the over-development of energy, the cost of fuel is gradually rising, this energy can replace the traditional fuel, and this is unlimited renewable energy, after burning no harmful gas emissions.

    In line with the principle of doing what is said, we began to realize the plan one by one, completed the manufacture of septic tanks, and understood how to purify biogas. But the problem immediately came, how to store these combustible gases, as a farming boss, know how to manage, breeding technology is very understanding, but the knowledge of this area is relatively short. When I went to buy electricity, I accidentally metDevil's 13 ElectricQian Sheng, a sales engineer, talked to him about the problems I was facing. He immediately recalled the frequency conversion constant pressure technology that has been widely used in pumps, and the cases applied in the pump industry are very similar to the current problems. The pump industry is to store the liquid water through the gas collecting cylinder pressure, so that the water is kept within the controllable pressure range, if applied to the gas above it is more reliable, as long as the motor to raise the gas pressure, through the pressure sensor feedback to the inverter, increase the density of the gas and within the control range, in the continuous uninterrupted transmission to the generator, so that the generator can operate normally. I mentioned that in the case of a sudden power failure, if the manual start, it will be more trouble, the solution is to use the dual power switching device XLDQ3NX series, which is widely used in gasoline generators, to automatically signal the generator when the power failure, so that the generator can start the ignition device. Automatically start the generator and switch the two power supplies to the standby power supply at the same time, and automatically switch to the mains power after the mains power.

    After solving the problem, I spent one month preparing explosion-proof gas collecting cylinder, explosion-proof motor and explosion-proof pipeline respectively to produce the device, and prepared the electrical control distribution box, and used the frequency converter to constant voltageVariable frequency constant voltage controllerDisplay pressure to complete the device. In the next test the effect is very satisfactory, the generator works normally, I hope the equipment can be widely promoted, to achieve the aquaculture industry can also be automated.

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