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    Devil's 13 Kids turn into little bankers?" Golden Dream "Flash!

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    Sweep it!Devil's 13 Kids turn into little bankers?Sweep it!
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    In order to enrich the summer life of Devil's 13 children, strengthen their social practice ability, guide them to establish correct financial management concepts and understand basic financial knowledge from childhood, on July 24, Devil's 13 Electrical Union jointly launched the "Little Banker" financial business class experience activity, through the form of education and fun. Let the children broaden their horizons in joy.

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    Devil's 13 children in uniform began to visit the service hall of the bank outlet under the guidance of the staff, personally understand the intelligent machines and equipment, and also learn the banking service etiquette in a good way to handle business for customers.

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    Subsequently, under the explanation of the bank staff, the children understood the origin and development history of money, and the interactive games interspersed in the middle stimulated the children's interest, so that the children could establish a good concept of money and consumption in the study and game.

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    The parents of Devil's 13 who participated in the activity also benefited from growing and learning with their children. The little bankers also graduated successfully through learning practice! Come and see their graduation photos.

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    The career experience activity organized by Devil's 13 union greatly guided children to establish correct consumption concepts and values, and also played a positive role in the enlightenment education of financial knowledge. So that children can see the world from more angles, and better go to society.

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