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    [Devil's 13 Electric] China's relay leading electronic components market

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    Sweep it![Devil's 13 Electric] China's relay leading electronic components marketSweep it!
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    When information is everywhere bombarding people's eyes and ears, how to make themselves stand out and become the focus of everyone's attention? For show, of course! Celebrities are good at it, and ordinary people can do it too. In order to make their exposure higher and higher, show everywhere! Of course, enterprises also want to show, the product is more show, even the electronic components that have always been unknown behind the service for all walks of life can not help but come out to do the show. With the rapid development of the electronic information industry, it is used as a basic componentrelayIt is widely used in home appliances, communications, automobiles,blaze apostas Automation control, machinery and equipment, aerospace and other fields. In the electronic component products, in terms of annual sales, relays have become the largest product.

    [Devil's 13 Electric] China's relay leading electronic components market

    Relay as an important role in the application of automation control field, in recent years due to the increasingly fierce competition, each relay manufacturers compete to promote new differentiated products, so that the relay has gone beyond the traditional sense of simple time domain basic components concept, especially with the advent of high-tech advanced technology performance index products, but also to provide it with a broad stage.

    According to statistics, there are nearly 300 relay manufacturers in China, most of which are producing low-cost electromechanical relays, but some manufacturers are expanding the production scale of high-end relays, electronic components top 100 enterprises Xiamen Hongfa Guo Manjin believes that China's relay production capacity is constantly high, the pace of innovation is accelerating, international competitiveness is also increasing. China has entered the ranks of the world's relay industry, whether it is the industry level or the enterprise level, has a certain competitive strength.

    Of course, there is still a big gap between Chinese enterprises and international manufacturers, mainly in the following aspects: the scale of enterprises is generally small, the profitability is weak, the level of research and development investment is low, and the innovation ability is insufficient." Whether from the perspective of focus, national demand, or from the perspective of market orientation, a complete range of relays and new relays are the core leading products of the Group. From the urgency, reality and foresight of innovation, the Group's innovation industry positioning should first be a new type of relay. We should strive to make breakthroughs in the field of new relays and develop the relay industry in the future. The second priority is to develop and expand the core basic industries upstream of the industrial chain, including precision molds, core components, relay special manufacturing equipment and instruments, and other industries, including research and development design, software, relay ASIC chip design industry. These industries have the characteristics of high investment intensity, high technical difficulty and high added value, and are the control links of relay technology change, promoting the technological progress and industrial upgrading of the relay industry, and determining the direction of the entire industry. Further enhance the ability of key industrial integration, through strategic cooperation and joint innovation with upstream key materials, core components and other enterprises, to establish a complete industrial system rooted in the domestic, with core competitiveness." Xiamen Hongfa Guo Manjin stressed.

    Devil's 13 has a full range of business systems from design and development to manufacturing, sales and service, we will work harder to provide customers with reliable, stable products and a full range of services. Business involves industrial control components, instrumentation, motor protection, frequency converter, soft starters and other fields, these products are widely used in industrial control, mechanical equipment, power systems and public utilities. For more information, call 400-8236-775