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    【Devil's 13 Electric 】 Basic knowledge of motor governor

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    Sweep it!【Devil's 13 Electric 】 Basic knowledge of motor governorSweep it!
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    【Devil's 13 Electric 】 Basic knowledge of motor governor

    1. Function

    The speed of the motor is adjusted to make the motor run fast or slow.

    2. Product type

    ◎ AC type

    a, US-52 five-wire system with speed measurement line functionMotor governorThe power range is 25W, 40W, 60W, 90W, 120W, 180W; The output interface is divided into flat plug (commonly used) and square plug (customized), and has a soft start function;

    b, SS-22 ultra-small volume five-wire motor governor with speed measurement function, power range of 40W, 60W, 90W, 120W, 180W, and with soft start function;

    c, JD1A-11, JD1A-40, JD1A-90 electromagnetic motor governor.

    ◎ DC type

    a, DC-51 DC motor governor, the working voltage is AC220V, the output voltage and power are as follows: DC-51 output is DC0-24V, adjustable power is 60W; The output of the DC-51 is DC0-90V, and the adjustable power is 120W. The output of the DC-51 is DC0-180V, and the adjustable power is 120W.

    b, HHD6-E ultra-small (power below 60W) DC motor governor output voltage is DC0-200V adjustable;

    c, HHD6-422(power 450W), HHD6-622(power 600W) high power DC motor governor.

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