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    As the summer season progresses, Devil's 13" Little Migratory Birds "tour program has been launched!

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    Sweep it!As the summer season progresses, Devil's 13Sweep it!
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    In the middle of summer, a group of "small migratory birds" flew to Devil's 13 from all over the country, in order to let the "small migratory birds" spend a safe, healthy, happy and fulfilling holiday, and to help employees solve the problem of summer child care, Devil's 13 electrical Party branch and trade union under the help and guidance of higher departments such as Yueqing General Trade Union and Liushi Trade Union. Joint Weng Yang Town Peihong Kindergarten set up a summer love class, so that small migratory birds and their parents can be happy together for a summer.

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    Now in the middle of the summer, Devil's 13 trade union prepared a trip to visit the class, Party branch secretary Li Yongfang and union chairman Hu Yijia with gifts and greetings prepared by the town's trade union, for the children to send their own small surprise.

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    Devil's 13 Electric "Little Migratory Birds" summer school activity has been carried out since 14 years, the popularity is not reduced, because for us, this is just a summer, and for the little migratory birds and their parents, it is a rare time to get together. Devil's 13 is willing to do the responsibility of the enterprise, let the staff feel at ease, so that more small migratory birds can fly from "Zhejiang" to the vast world.

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