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    Some problems should be paid attention to during the use of modules

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    Sweep it!Some problems should be paid attention to during the use of modulesSweep it!
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    1、Thyristor moduleThe protection of

    ◎ Because the breakdown voltage of the thyristor is close to the working voltage, the overvoltage generated in the line is easy to cause the device voltage breakdown. The external causes of overvoltage are mainly lightning strikes, violent fluctuations or interference of power grid voltage.

    ◎ When the thyristor is turned off and the forward current drops to zero, there will be a lot of residual carriers inside the tube core, and reverse current will appear instantly under the action of reverse voltage, so that the remaining carriers will disappear along the speed, forming a great current rise rate. Even if the inductance in series in the line is small, it can produce a high voltage spike or voltage burr due to the reverse potential.

    ◎ To solve the above situation, the resistance-capacitance absorption circuit and varistor must be connected in parallel at both ends of the device, and the capacitor voltage can not be sudden change.

    Some problems should be paid attention to during the use of modules

    2, module overcurrent, temperature protection

    ◎ When the internal components of the converter device are damaged, the control system fails, the reversible transmission circulation is too large or the inverter fails, the AC voltage is too high, too low or the lack of phase negative overload will cause the device current to exceed the normal working current, due to the low overcurrent capacity of the module. Therefore, overcurrent protection must be taken, and 2ms DC fast switch or fast breaker is generally selected.

    ◎ Because the power semiconductor module is the same as other power devices. When working, its own power consumption will heat up, and if appropriate measures are not taken to dissipate this heat, it will cause the temperature of the module core to rise sharply, resulting in deterioration or complete damage to the device characteristics. The main losses of the module include conduction loss, switching loss, gate loss, and heat dissipation conditions for long-term reliable operation of the module.

    ◎ Common heat dissipation methods, natural air cooling, strong air cooling, water-cooled oil cooling, etc., considering that the interior of the module is not easy to measure directly, generally choose a temperature limiter to test the temperature rise of the module bottom plate for protection.

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